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We help in consulting, configuration, customisation, migration, integration, support, and more. We help companies implement reliable Salesforce solutions to power their sales, customer service and marketing processes.

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Our subject matter expertise in serving companies across verticals, we build custom apps that can be easily integrated into the Salesforce platform to advance business processes and workflows or can be used independently to support business functions.

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The Salesforce Platform uses open APIs based on industry standards like REST and SOAP so it’s easy to integrate Salesforce with external endpoints, such as apps or enterprise integration hubs.

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Data Migration

We make it easy to migrate relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL databases, and other types of data stores timely and securely, without disrupting existing business operations. Reliably migrate data either from an on-premises database or another cloud.

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Addressing entire lifecycle

Technology Ecosystem

The StackNexus Advantage

  • Faster ROI. Realise Value Faster.
  • Unified solution that is fully extensible
  • Built on newer technologies and an architecture that future-proofs enterprises to embrace IoT/5G and similar technologies
  • Out of the box composable architecture
  • Advanced features like app store, metrics observability, and notification engine
  • Modular product that grows with customer needs

We obsess over your business

Built a system to tackle COVID-19 Pandemic.

A state on the west coast has used our system to source $2.5 billion in PPE over a 45-day timeframe and distributed 2B kits to 58 counties.”

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Helped a city to efficiently manage 311.

StackNexus has built an end-to-end flow for the most populous city in the USA to implement their 311-system that intakes cases from the public.

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Helps EDD efficiently connect millions of job seekers with employers

One of the largest state departments with employees at hundreds of service locations throughout the state.

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